Frequently Asked Questions

What saddlebags do these products fit?

The Jet Stream fits all Road King Classic Stock Saddlebags, part #90544-97. The current model is still delivered with the same stock leather bags. Each set includes accessories for a left and right bag.

How are these pieces mounted on my saddle bags?

After drilling small holes in the bags, the pieces bolt on with the provided hardware from the inside.

Can I install these pieces myself?

Yes, absolutely! Each accent piece comes with instructions and it’s own mounting template that identifies exactly where to drill the mounting holes. After drilling the holes, the mounting template is removed.

Are any holes visible once the piece is installed?

No! All accent pieces cover all the holes that are required for installation while hiding the rivets that Harley Davidson uses in the construction of the bags.

Will my bag still open and close properly?

Yes! Installing our accent pieces does not affect the usability of the bag at all, nor will the product cause any damage to the finish of the rear fender when the bag is opened.

Still have questions?

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